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Shumba Shaba lodge situated in the Matopo Hills, south of the city of Bulawayo

Perched on the edge of the Mchabezi gorge the lodge commands a stunning view over the Matopo Hills. The tranquility of the area and the spectacular night skies will leave you in awe.

Package tours and itineraries planned

  1.    We can arrange onward bookings around Zimbabwe

  2.    Vehicle hire

  3.    Petrol and Diesel can be arranged with us.

Vehicle hire to suit your style

  1.     Passenger sedan motor vehicles from as little as $ 42

     per day

  1.    4x4 Vehicles available

  2.    Cell phone hire whilst in country


  1.    We suggest minimum 2 nights stay ...but three is ideal

  2.    Horse riding , walking or just relaxing at the lodge.

  3.    Sightings of Rhinos and other animals are possible  

     during game drives in the Matopos National Park

  1.    Matopo Primary school always welcomes visitors

  2.   Matopo mission station and school, the third oldest in                      the country started in 1896

  3.   Take a day trip to the National Park to see a View of   

     the World, Rhodes grave and bushman paintings

  1.    Bulawayo is worth a visit- a lovely city, beautiful

     jacaranda lined wide streets & Natural history museum

  1.   City hall & Art Gallery market is filled with local art


Advance Bookings are essential

  1.   Email

  2.   Tel +263 9 61236

  3.   Cell + 263 712 666 582

  4.   Cell + 263 772 240 440

  5.   Skype: shumbashaba

  6. Office 140 Fife Street

  7. Bulawayo

The Lodge was originally an old farm house and the main dining room is built around huge granite rocks.

You will be stunned by the grandeur and quietness of the Matopo Hills

Shumbashaba lodge 
matopo Hills zimbabwe
  1. Simple accommodation with impressive views of the valley  a 1000 feet below

  2. All lodges face east to give you a glorious sunrise

  3. Eco friendly as the lodge uses solar lighting only

  4. Small lodge to cater for 12 people

  5. Ideal for private groups or families

  6. Nature trails around the lodge

  7. Lodges are thatched with teak flooring and Mukwa timber walls

  8. Horse riding for experienced riders, lessons available too.

  9. Horse sanctuary on the property

  10. Idyllic dam set among the boulders

  11. 1 hour drive on gravel road from Byo.

  12. Wonderful food to tempt you palate

  13. Bushman paintings throughout the hills